Investing in Scotch Whisky

I can hear it already. You are saying, "Come on, be serious. I enjoy a glass of scotch in the evening as much as the next person. But why in the world would anyone invest in Scotch Whisky? Is that even possible?"

Actually it is very possible (for both small-scale and large-scale investors), and it is probably a much more attractive option than it might appear at first glance.

Firstly, Scotch Whisky is a commodity, just like copper, wheat, soybeans, and crude oil. "Wait a minute, I have never seen Scotch Whisky futures or options contracts offered in my brokerage account," you are saying. And you're right, these types of investments are not offered on the world commodity exchanges, and as such you cannot acquire them through your broker.

However, many of you are familiar with BullionVault, an online platform for trading physical gold and silver, that allows you to buy and sell real gold and silver bullion stored securely in insured vaults in London, New York, Singapore, and Zurich. Well, the company that owns BullionVault has launched another almost identical trading platform, however the vaulted product in this case is real, physical Scotch Whisky! However unlike precious metals, whose prices depend solely on supply and demand factors, Scotch Whisky naturally becomes more valuable as it ages, so even though price volatility can certainly affect potential profits (or lack thereof), the general tendency is for the stored product to increase in value over time.

The platform is called WhiskyInvestDirect, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

You can purchase and trade many types of whiskys: Ardmore, Auchroisk, Benrinnes, Blair Athol, Cameronbridge, Dailuaine, Glen Spey, Inchgower, North British, and more. You can deal in any size, and you acquire the whisky at truly wholesale prices, before it has been bottled and taxes added to the product. There is no minimum holding period, so you can buy and hold, enjoying the natural appreciation in value as the whisky matures in-cask, or you can actively trade and attempt to profit on market volatility. The market is available for placement and execution of buy and sell orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and cash in your account is always available for immediate withdrawal processing back to your bank account. Further, the market is extremely liquid, so if at any time you need to liquidate your whisky holdings, you can do so instantly at the click of a button, at the very best market price available.

Now for the best part: Opening an account with WhiskyInvestDirect is simple, straightforward, and free of charge. Additionally, when you join your account will be credited with a small amount of cash (British Pound Sterling) and Scotch Whisky so you can experience the trading interface without having to wait for your own deposit to arrive and be credited to your account. Try it now free of charge and experience all the ways you can profit in the Scotch Whisky marketplace.