Storage Options when Doing Business with First Panama Coin & Bullion
Many of the people that contact us to inquire regarding the purchase of precious metals do so with the intent to both purchase the metals from us, as well as to store the metals with us either indefinitely, or for collection at some future date. Unfortunately, however, storage of valuables is not a service that we are equipped to offer.

For those clients that are interested in the storage angle we would suggest that you only store your precious metals in Panama if you live here or eventually plan on relocating here, and want your valuables "close to home", or if you at least vacation here in Panama regularly and thus will have the benefit of periodic physical access to your holdings.

In such cases, there are two possibilities, aside from storing your metals in your own home safe (if you have a house or an apartment in Panama). The first is opening a safety deposit box with a local bank (you will need an account with the bank in order to be able to open a safety deposit box), or there is also a private vault here in Panama City called "Best Safety Boxes". Either option should acceptably meet your storage needs.

For those clients who are looking for remote offshore storage of precious metals that are more interested in stashing their valuables safely and don't necessarily require physical access thereto, there are three possibilites representing preferable alternatives in our opinion:

1) BullionVault:

You can fund your BullionVault account via wire transfer and, at the absolute lowest price available, purchase gold and/or silver vaulted in either Zurich, London, New York, Toronto, or Singapore right online. You can purchase any amount that you want, as little as 1 gram at a time, and the spreads are much tighter than the commissions that you would pay to a bullion dealer, especially here in Panama, and the storage fees are quite competitive.

Your holdings can also be liquidated virtually at the click of your mouse, and the proceeds wired back directly to your bank account.

We welcome you to click the banner below to open an account now, completely free of charge. Try BullionVault. Your account will be credited with four free grams of silver, just to get you started.

Try BullionVault!

2) Gold Broker:

Gold Broker differs from other online precious metals purchase and storage programs in that there is no fractional bar ownership allowed. This means that your holdings are always 100% traceable to you with ownership certificate, and can also be visited for inspection or withdrawn by you for physical delivery at any time (without having to complete the purchase e.g. of a full 100oz gold bar). As a result, the minimum investment is somewhat larger (5 ounces for gold and 500 ounces for silver). You can fund your Gold Broker account via bank transfer and then can purchase metals either as coins or in bar form according to your preference. Your metals can be vaulted in either Zurich or in Singapore. Holdings can also be liquidated, rather than physically withdrawn. Storage and management fees are between 1.75% and 2% per year.

For the ultimate in provable chain of ownership and lack of counterparty risk, open an account with Gold Broker today.

Gold Broker: The Ultimate in Secure Offshore Precious Metals Storage

3) KaratBars:

KaratBars is much more than a gold storage program, rather it is a complete gold savings plan. KaratBars are available in highly divisible quantities, specifically 1 gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram bars. Due to the small sizes, obviously there is no difficulty with purchasing complete bars, so ownership is never split between multiple parties. Physical delivery is encouraged, and can be taken at any time, however up to 100 grams can be stored for up to 12 months for free in Germany. Volume and longer-term allocated storage can be arranged in Zurich, Switzerland, for a fee. Holdings can always be liquidated back to KaratBars, and payment received via an ultra-convenient debit card system. KaratBars also offers a very attractive referral program, so if you know others that are interested in saving in gold, KaratBars will make it very much worth your time to introduce them to the KaratBars gold savings plan. Purchases of gold in this program are made via bank wire transfer.

For the most sophisticated and divisible gold savings plan, with great potential for use as an actual gold-based currency, sign up for a free KaratBars account.

KaratBars Gold Savings System