Offshore Precious Metals Storage Options
Many of the people that contact us to inquire regarding the purchase of precious metals do so with the intent to both purchase the metals from us, as well as to store the metals with us either indefinitely, or for collection at some future date. Unfortunately, however, for insurance reasons, storage of valuables is not a service that we are equipped to offer.

For those clients that are interested in the storage of valuables offshore, including gold, silver, as well as crypto currency keys, we would suggest that you only store your valuables in Panama if you live here or eventually plan on relocating here, and want the items "close to home", or if you at least vacation here in Panama regularly and thus will have the benefit of periodic physical access to your holdings.

For those clients who are looking for remote offshore storage of precious metals in a politically safe environment, there are two excellent possibilites that we recommend very highly:

1) For our clients interested in precious metals storage, our top recommendation is a one-stop-shop in the most legally secure and stable environment available in the world today, at which metals purchase and sale services are also available -- which means you can purchase or sell metals directly from or to the storage facility. This is a convenient service if you do not want to have to jump on an airplane every time you intend to transact, which cuts your costs significantly.

Furthermore, this is an extremely discreet and private option, as being a client of the facility does not trigger local, FATCA, nor CRS reporting requirements, because at least at the present time, it does not qualify as a financial account.

The facility is a short flight for all clients located in the Western Hemisphere, and customers are allowed physical vault access access in order to deposit additional items, remove items, or just to inspect their holdings.

Lastly, the facility is certified to provide storage services to American clients for precious metals held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

This is the proverbial "Cadillac" of precious metals storage. Contact us to receive a direct introduction to the company and assistance opening your account immediately, free of charge.

2) BullionVault:

For clients that are interested in more frequent transactions, to wit actual trading of physical precious metals, BullionVault offers an excellent alternative and offers purchases and sales at the absolute lowest price available in terms of commissions and spreads paid. Accounts can be funded via wire transfer and metals can be vaulted in either Zurich, London, New York, Toronto, or Singapore, with access to purchases, sales, and stored holdings right online. You can purchase any amount that you want, as little as 1 gram at a time, and the spreads are much tighter than the commissions that you would pay to a bullion dealer, especially here in Panama, and the storage fees are quite competitive.

Your holdings can also be liquidated virtually at the click of your mouse, and the proceeds wired back directly to your bank account.

It's free to open an account and registration takes less than a minute. There's no obligation to trade. Try BullionVault.

Try BullionVault!